Marlon Brando Sr.

1895 - 1965

The movie industry executive and producer Marlon Brando, Sr. was the father of Marlon Brando Jr., whom many consider the greatest movie actor of all time, and of movie and TV actress Jocelyn Brando. Marlon, Jr. made his father, a former salesman and businessman, the head of his personal production company in Hollywood, Pennebaker Productions, which was named after Sr.'s wife and Jr.'s mother, the former Dorothy Pennebaker. The company produced many pictures, though most starred other superstars other than Brando, including James Cagney, Gary Cooper, Paul Newman and Sidney Poitier.Marlon Sr. was a hard-drinking womanizer who was frequently on the road, which did little to prevent his wife's descent into the alcoholism which killed her at a relatively young age in 1954. The Brando family was often uprooted, moving from Nebraska to Illinois and eventually (without Marlon Sr.) to New York City (where the three Brando children attended acting and art schools). Brando Sr., a World War One ve

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