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Mark Knight is the real deal. Once you hear his music, it's clear that he is not only an extremely gifted guitarist but an insightful and prolific songwriter as well.Born in North Hollywood, CA to a Las Vegas showgirl, Knight was orphaned at a year old when his mother tragically died of breast cancer. Raised by his nanny for the next year, as his biological father was never in the picture, Knight's story takes a happy turn when the Knight family adopted him. He suddenly had three sisters and became part of a loving family living in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley. Knight's father sold professional audio mastering equipment to record companies and his mother was a homemaker.The exposure to the recording industry through his father's work ensured that music spoke to Knight early on, as the remedy for all ills. In the indescribable way that a true music lover connects with music and all of its intangibles, Knight would connect with certain songs that would prove to have great emotional impact on him and influence the direction of his life in ways that he could not yet comprehend. He borrowed a beat up classical guitar (which he still has!) and took a beginner's guitar class in the 7th grade. That was it...he was hooked. His love of guitar became all consuming, as he practiced nonstop, sometimes to the detriment of his schoolwork.Knight's very first band was named for his father, Mickey Knight. By 16, he was already playing the Hollywood club circuit with his band, including gigs at the Troubadour. Friction within the band caused them to replace Knight as the lead guitarist, fueling a strong, rebellious adolescent desire for revenge and Knight soon formed a new band with bass player Kyle Kyle called Bang Tango. The rest of the band was comprised of guitarist Kyle Stevens, singer Joe Lesté, and drummer Tigg Ketler.With Knight as the major songwriting force behind the band, Bang Tango landed a record deal with MCA Mechanics in 1989. Their debut album, Psycho Café, hit the Billboard charts and yielded the hit, "Someone Like You," which was given considerable exposure on MTV as well. The original lineup sold over a million records but split up after recording five albums together.Despite the breakup of the band, Knight never stopped composing and playing his music. Knight formed Worry Beads and recorded an album produced by the well-known vocalist and producer, Bernard Fowler, doing double duty as lead singer and guitar. Bernard coached Knight on his technique and helped build his confidence as a singer.Bone Rail Tight, was Knights first full-length solo effort with roots dating back several years. In 2006, Knight released a 5-track solo EP, Perfect American Family, featuring Matt Abts of Gov't Mule on drums and Tony Marsico, a session player for Neil Young, Roger Daltrey and Matthew Sweet, on bass. Mark's fans loved the EP, but everyone had the same reaction: "It's too short!" With the help of Perfect American Family producer, Tom Lavin, Knight dove headlong into writing songs for a new album, all the while recording a second Worry Beads record. Fitting in sessions whenever Matt, Tony and many of Knight's other talented friends were available, Bone Rail Tight was recorded as a labor of love in an intimate private studio with impressive results. Knight's loyal fans immediately connected with the new direction he was moving in and unequivocally embraced Bone Rail Tight on iTunes as well as turning out in support at shows both in Los Angeles and on tour in the Southeast soon after the release. Released in May 2013, Road Sick Eyes, by Mark Knight and The Unsung Heroes, is the record Mark Knight was destined to make. Knight couldn't more accurately describe the record as "electrified singer/songwriter roots rock with a dash of country, blues and Americana. All 12 songs penned and co-produced by Knight himself, each composition tells a story based on the joys and struggles of life, frequently as it relates to Knight himself, but often incorporates the average and extraordinary characters he encounters in his day to day life as well as out on the road.Since then, Knight has continued to write and independently release the records, Mark Knight, a true singer-songwriter collection of deeply personal songs detailing new love, a new life, and letting go of the past, and Don't Kill the Cat, full of the highs and lows in life that we all face."It's kind of like a radar," says Knight, of his ability to observe and weave his observations into colorful, relatable songs. "My inspiration to write comes from subject matter that I find interesting. I tend to write about other people and characters I run across in life, but I also write a lot about the traveling I do and my own personal experiences. Sometimes I think I'm going to get in trouble for releasing a song, but I always stay true to the way I see the world or a situation."Over the years, the line up of The Unsung Heroes has changed as members come and go, but Knight's approa

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