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Mark Hill started working in Hollywood as a consultant to the show Emergency, he went to Dick Clark Productions to pitch an idea and the relationship lasted for 3o years with him working on many of dcp productions, The Academy of Country Music Awards for 28 years being his favorite. Bernie West took him under his wing and started him working on sitcoms with Three's Co. then on to the Golden Girls. With his special knowledge of Medicine he worked and consulted on many shows with Medical stories, being among the first to do so along with Dr Walter Dishell. With Mark Hill's special experience with working in ICU-CCU-ER he brought reality to Medical Shows with the writing terminology and the use of the right equipment and procedures. He vast travel experience in Asia allowed him to specialize in making movies in Asia when no one had the experience to do so. He has done 16 movies in Asia with company's from the USA, UK, AUS and Canada. Living in Asia he consulted with Networks their and help to bring high tech productions to 3rd world countries. Along with producing live music concerts all over Asia. He got a chance to Direct shows there for several cable companies with a new cooking show being their highest rated show ever. Mr. Hill helped to convince record companies to do Videos for Country artist and then convinced Glenn D. Daniels to start a rival country music network the same as MTV, it was called CMTV now know as CMT. Mr. Hill continues to work part-time on projects in Hollywood.

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