Mark Anthony Games

Mark Anthony Games is a British actor based in Worcester, England. In 2012, aged 32, he enrolled to study Sport Science at University. Towards the end of the first semester he accidentally discovered acting. A few months later he life had changed course and so did his study. In 2013 Mark switched degree to study joint honors Drama & Performance, and Screenwriting. Mark decided to follow the 'Method' approach and absorbs himself into the character, stating that "We are 'Actors' not 'Pretenders' so we must become the character to reflect the truth of their lives and situations".Between 2013 and 2016 Mark secured leading roles in over 20 independent films, using this experience as an apprenticeship for a professional career. Mark graduated with 1st class honors in 2016 and signed with Broad Management.Since a very early age Mark has used writing as a coping mechanism for a troubled childhood, mostly in the form of poetry and prose. In 2013 he founded Human Voice Productions to make short

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