Marianne Faithfull


Daughter of Eva, the Baroness Erisso, and Major Glynn Faithfull, a WWII British spy. Recorded the first song written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, "As Tears Go By" (1964). Involved in a major drug scandal with Jagger, Richards and others, which ultimately turned public opinion favorably towards the 'Rolling Stones' and other rock groups. In the 70's she became addicted to heroin and was homeless in London's Soho district for a couple of years. Recorded numerous albums in the 80's, while struggling with cocaine and alcohol. Has remained sober and productive since.

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Belle du Seigneur

Yıl: 2012 | IMDB: 0810772 | Vizyon Tarihi: 25-03-2019

Ülke: Fransa, Lüksemburg, Almanya, Belçika, İsviçre, İngiltere
Aka: Savasta Ihtiras
Tür: Drama, Romantik
Yönetmen: Glenio Bonder,
Oyuncular: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Natalia Vodianova, Ed Stoppard, Marianne Faithfull, Maria Bonnevie, Janine Horsburgh, Leslie Woodhall, Jimmy de Brabant, Stefan Weinert, Gilbert Johnston, Claire Johnston, André Arend van de Noord, Paulo dos Santos, Casimiro Fernandes, Alex Freeman,