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Doğum Adı: Moran Cho Yeri: San Francisco, California, ABD

Eşleri: (2003 -) filed for divorce ,

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Margaret Cho was born on December 5, 1968 in San Francisco. Her grandfather was a Methodist minister who ran an orphanage in Seoul during the Korean War. Ignoring the traditions of her patriarchal culture, her mother bravely resisted an arranged marriage in Korea & married Margaret's father, who writes joke books in Korean.What she did know is that she didn't love being a kid. Racing toward adulthood to escape bullying, she began writing jokes for stand up at 14 & professionally performing at 16. Getting picked on & feeling disenfranchised's a subject that's very near to her heart. She has become a sort of patron saint for outsiders, speaking for them when they are not able to speak for themselves.Soon after starting her career, she won a comedy contest where first prize was opening for Jerry Seinfeld. She moved to Los Angeles in the early '90s & hit the college circuit, where she immediately became the most booked act in the market, garnering a nomination for Campus Comedian of The Year. She performed over 300 concerts within 2 years. Arsenio Hall introduced her to late night audiences, Bob Hope put her on a prime time special & seemingly overnight, she became a national celebrity.Her groundbreaking, controversial & short-lived ABC sitcom All-American Girl soon followed. Oddly, while chosen because of who she was-a non-conformist Korean-American woman w/ liberal views-the network decided it wanted her to tone it down for the show. Challenging her feelings for both who she was & how she looked, she soon realized that though she was an executive producer, it was a battle she wouldn't win.The experience was a traumatic one, bringing up unresolved feelings left over from childhood. She developed an eating disorder as a response to criticism about her body. She was so obsessive in her goal to try to be what she thought others wanted, she landed in the hospital w/ kidney failure. Throughout a period of self-abuse, she continued performing to sold-out audiences across the country in comedy clubs, theaters & on college campuses, working to channel her anger in to something more positive.In 1999, her groundbreaking, off-Broadway one-woman show, I'm The One That I Want, garnered national acclaim. It was made into a best-selling book & feature film. After her experience w/ All-American Girl, she wanted to make sure she would only have to answer to herself, making sure she was responsible for the distribution & sales of her film, taking a page from what music artist Ani DiFranco did w/ her Righteous Babe Records. The concert film, which garnered incredible reviews, broke records for most money grossed per print in movie history. In 2001, after the success of her first tour, she launched Notorious C.H.O., a smash-hit 37-city national tour that culminated in a sold-out concert at Carnegie Hall. It was recorded & released as a feature film, hailed by the New York Times as "Brilliant!" Both films were acquired by Showtime Cable Networks & produced by her production company, a testament to the success of her bold business model.In March of 2003, she embarked on her third sold-out national tour, Revolution. It was heralded by the Chicago Sun Times as "Her strongest show yet!" The CD recording was nominated for a Grammy for Comedy Album of the Year. In 2005, she released Assassin, which The Chicago Tribune crowed "Packs passion in to each punch." The concert film premiered in select theaters as well as on the gay & lesbian premium channel Here! TV in late 2005.In 2007, she hit the road w/ Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry & Erasure, along w/ indie faves The Dresden Dolls & The Cliks, to host the True Colors Tour, benefiting the Human Rights Campaign. A true entertainment pioneer, she also created & starred in The Sensuous Woman, a live variety show featuring vaudevillian burlesque & comedy, which she took for an extended off-Broadway run that fall.She returned to TV in 2008 on the VH1 series, The Cho Show. It followed her, her real parents & her eccentric entourage through a series of irreverent & outrageous experiences shaped by her 'anything goes' brand of stand-up. It was beloved for the audience it was intended for, the ones who maybe don't quite fit in.The aptly titled Beautiful came next, exploring the good, bad & ugly in beauty as well as the unattractive politicians & marketers who shape our world. The concert premiered in Australia at The Sydney Theater, marking the first time she debuted a tour abroad. While touring through the U.S., the concert was filmed at the Long Beach theater, aired as a special on Showtime in 2009, then released as both a DVD & a book.In 2009, she nabbed a starring role in the comedy/drama series Drop Dead Diva, which aired on Lifetime. She enjoys being part of a team, not necessarily having the sole responsibility for keeping things afloat.Never one to shy away from a challenge, she stepped right up to the proverbial plate when asked to do Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars. Paired w/ pro Louie V

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