( 1960 - )

( 61 yaşında 1.88 m boyunda )

Doğum Adı: Marcelo Hugo Tinelli Yeri: San Carlos de Bolívar, Buenos Aires, Arjantin

Eşleri: (1997 -2011) Boşanma 2 çocuk , (1986 -1993) Boşanma 2 çocuk ,

Kısa Biyografi

After his father's death in 1971 Marcelo's family moved from his hometown to Buenos Aires. In his teens he was spending time between school classes, playing soccer, and working on Radio Rivadavia as a sport journalist. In 1981, Marcelo met Juan Alberto Badía, who brought him to the radio program 'Piedra Libre' and then to the TV Show Badía y Compañía. In the last one he met María Soledad Aquino, who became his first wife on May 29, 1986. The couple had two daughters, Micaela and María Candelaria. In the early '90s Marcelo appeared with his most successful show 'VideoMatch' (which later was re-labeled as _"Show de VideoMatch, El" (1989)_ in 1995) as its host and screened sport bloopers. Then, the show was extended in other sections such as sitcoms, 'hidden cameras', and music performances, and became the favorite of the Argentinean and Latin American audiences. Next, Marcelo launched Ritmo de la noche (1991) (a midnight show), which had reasonable success. There, he met Paula Robles, who became his second wife (after Marcelo got divorced from María Soledad). They got married on November 1997 and had a son, Francisco. Marcelo stills works on 'Show de VideoMatch, El' not only as a host, but also as producer.

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