Manny Jimenez Sr.

Manny Jimenez Sr., Writer-Director-ProducerManny's childhood dream was to be in the movies. He grew up watching his favorite TV shows from Batman and Superman to Happy Days and The Dukes of Hazzard, and films like Back to the Future and The Outsiders. Manny knew he loved TV and film and that he wanted to be part of it. But as a teen, Manny felt like an outsider himself. He didn't fit in with the other kids playing sports or other types of childhood activities. Angry over the absence of his real father and bullied by his stepfather, he began to rebel. He ran away and started associating himself with neighborhood guys who eventually became his new family.For the next ten years, he went down a dark path until he realized there's nothing but betrayal in life on the streets. After being shot by rival gang members and losing several friends to gang violence, he was arrested for a crime he didn't commit and was facing prison time. His innocence was proven, but the ordeal changed his perspecti

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