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LA gang member-turned-filmmaker Manny Jimenez Sr. took his knowledge of the streets and applied them to Hollywood. Manny's unique journey has led him to be the subject of numerous news stories on CNN, ABC, Fox, Telemundo and Univision. They've also led to articles in newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Entertainment Weekly, Playboy and Emmy.At a young age, Manny knew he wanted to be part of Hollywood, but the only reality around him was "the 'hood". For years he went down a dark path where he ended up being stabbed and shot. He watched several friends be murdered as a result of gang warfare. Ultimately, Manny was arrested for a crime he didn't commit and was facing prison time. A miracle presented itself -- the witness realized he had made a mistake, changed his testimony, and Manny was found innocent. The ordeal changed his perspective on life, and he finally realized there was nothing but betrayal in the gangster lifestyle. He was done.Feeling uninspired because of his criminal record, one night he heard Quentin Tarantino on a talk show state that, "Hollywood doesn't care if you've been to jail." These words inspired Manny to take a leap of faith, and he began to focus on his lofty childhood dream -- Hollywood. After facing rejection after rejection, he finally made a legit contact and was hired as a background extra.Manny passionately pursued any production job he could find. This proved to be an invaluable experience, and he went on to start the talent management firm Suspect Entertainment, Inc. The firm specialized in providing "gangster consultation" and "hard-to-find ethnic talent." Consultation services provided genuine street dialogue, lowrider picture cars, realistic locations in "the 'hood" and authentic props from such films as Ali G Indahouse, Training Day and Criminal starring Diego Luna.Gang-consulting led to screenwriting. Manny believes authenticity is key and he writes from the truth. Now as a screenwriter, and finally taking a seat in the coveted director's chair, Manny wrote and directed the short film A Second Chance, which has over two million views on YouTube. This is an anti-gang story that will be used to deter at-risk youths. Manny is also developing a half-hour comedy TV series based on his journey through Hollywood, which revolves around the theme of redemption.Watch A Second Chance (Anti-Gang Short Film) here: https://www.youtube.com/c/MannyJimenezSrAlong the way, Manny joined the non-profit team of Southern California Crossroads, as well as Tribeca Teaches LA in the role of teaching artist/youth mentor. Manny and the Crossroads team later partnered with Oscar-winner Bobby Moresco and The Actors Gym for a three-year mentoring program, in which Bobby directed the youths in the play The Brick and the Rose.Although working in the entertainment industry is Manny's main endeavor, he has found his true purpose in life by guiding young people towards finding their passion and showing them that there is a better life without drugs and gangs.

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