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London native and Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Maisy Kay has been honing her skills as a musician and vocalist since she was a young girl. Combining her experiences of growing up in the English countryside and living the last few years in Hollywood, she has built a body of work that displays her true range as an artist. While her music represents her individuality, it also transports the listener to Maisy's unparalleled world filled with influences varying from legendary acts such as Queen and The Beatles. Maisy derives comfort in creating music alone at her piano or guitar but also thrives when collaborating with a team or artist, as we have seen with her latest single, "The Storm", featuring chart-topping dance artist, TheFatRat. "The Storm" boasts 3.5m+ streams on Spotify and 75m+ aggregated views on YouTube. The success of this song is only a small sample of what is to come for Maisy. As her collaborations with some of the strongest creators in the industry continue, so does a new genre of music for Maisy Kay. Maisy has put the finishing touches on her forthcoming release, written and recorded with pop powerhouse songwriters, Morgan Taylor Reid (Sam Fischer, Joseph), Zac Poor (Tori Kelly, Samantha Jade) and Ameerah Roelants (Jennifer Lopez). Listeners are sure to be enamored with the pure emotion and creativity that is her upcoming music debut.

Son Güncelleme Tarihi: 03-06-2021

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