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Madeline Brumby is an American actress. She is best known for her breakthrough role as "Edna" in the film Dear God No! Her talent repertoire includes ballroom dancing, and she is a classically trained pianist and vocalist.Madeline graduated from Georgia Tech and left her career as biologist to become an actress. She studied theatre and film at the Alliance Theatre, Warner Louglin Studios, and Dad's Garage.After university, she began her acting career in theatre. She played one of Dracula's wives and Lucy's mother in the original production of Dracula: The Rock Opera at 7 Stages Theatre. She performed with the original cast of the live immersive theatre attraction, Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse during its 5 year run. In 2011, she became an ensemble member of the Atlanta-based variety show, The Silver Scream Spook Show.In 2010, she was cast as "Edna Marco" for the film Dear God No!, which made her an international exploitation film star and scream queen. She worked on many titles before reprising her role as "Edna" in Frankenstein Created Bikers. She played "Megan" in the award-winning short, Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse, "Molly" in the short film, Backtrack, which swept the 48-hr Film Festival awards, "Joan Stiles" in the horror anthology, Tales from Morningview Cemetery. She has completed numerous award-winning music videos with Skeleton Witch, Chk Chk Chk!, The El Caminos, Gone is Gone, and Mastodon.Madeline played the role of "Nikki" in Sam & Mattie present: Spring Break Zombie Massacre. Since completion, this film has taken the world by storm. Madeline will reprise her role as Nikki in the soon to be announced sequel.

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