Lyman Chen


Ever since Lyman Chen was a child, he had a passion for TV and Film. Although being an actor was a desire of his, being a first generation Chinese American born in Delaware it was not a realistic endeavor, and certainly not a career encouraged by his family. Not to mention a very limited amount of roles for Asian actors at the time.At the age of 30, after a successful career in Finance, Lyman observed that there was a definite void in the world of Asian actors on Film and Television. Lyman decided to begin taking classes in nearby Philadelphia by casting director Mike Lemon. Being 6 feet tall and large build with fluency in Cantonese and Mandarin while speaking perfect English, Lyman began working very quickly. Lyman worked steadily as a background actor, as well as building his resume with various commercials and training videos in Philadelphia and New York.Lyman's big break was in June of 2005, when he was cast in Martin Scorsese's, The Departed as Jack Nicholson's Chinese Interprete

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