Luke Greenfield


Luke was born in Manhassett, New York and grew up in Westport, Connecticut.He's best known for creating films that are unpredictable and surprising to audiences such as his film, "The Girl Next Door." His films tend to have high-concept ideas that combine drama and comedy, or comedy and suspense. Luke writes and directs with a major emphasis on character and utilizes the power of music to help create emotional moments.He began making movies at the age of 10 when his uncle gave him an old Super-8mm movie camera. As a kid, he was either making movies or watching them. He was brought up on the films of Francis Coppola, Marty Brest, John Hughes, Oliver Stone, Milos Forman and of course, Steven Spielberg. At age 13, Luke's dream was to become a filmmaker.Luke's mother was concerned about this dream. They didn't know anyone or anything about the movie industry. So without Luke's knowing, his mother wrote a passionate letter to Steven Spielberg, Luke's filmmaking idol. In the letter she asked

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