Louise Franklin

1917 - 1992

Louise Franklin was a gorgeous, winsome lady full of sex appeal and charm who graced the movie screen and stages from the 1930s to the 1950s. She was a popular California chorus girl, dancer, and actress who appeared in popular nightclubs, soundies, race films, and black musical numbers featured in Hollywood films. She was a wonderful, vibrant dancer full of grace whose talent in dancing varied. No film was complete without Louise's presence, if she wasn't dancing in films, she was acting in them. She was an extra and dancer in most of all the California-based race films and in Hollywood films she had various roles, most of which weren't stereotypical. In the film "I Love a Bandleader," Louise played a non-stereotypical role as a sexy elevator operator who Eddie Rochester flirts and sings to. In the short scene there was no denying her beauty, sex appeal, and charm; she had all the makings of a star.Louise was one of many beautiful, ambitious black actresses who were denied fame and fo

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