Louis Mandylor


Recently reprising his role in, my big Fat Greek Wedding 2, the 400 million dollar- grossing history-making comedy sequel, Mandylor's latest movies / Daylights End playing Lance Hendrickson's son in a Post apocalypse zombie infested world/ Mandylor also leads his expendable type crew through a high Octane action drama Titled HUNTED", Mandylor also teams up with Creig Sheffer in chasing down the exciting Steven Segal in CODE OF HONOR a 2016 NEW RELEASE Sept by Sony. Some of Mandylor 's other credits are numerous hit television shows/ Grace Under Fire, Martial Law, the worldwide-loved Friends, episodes of CSI, Castle & NCSI..Mandylor's production company, has steadily raised the bar for independent filmmaking following the successful production of its first three award-winning feature films. Top HONORS at The AOF film festival not to mention the coveted best drama feature distinction and an array of best picture awards for In the eyes of a Killer. Mandylor has since produced and directed

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