Louis Arcella

Louis Arcella, was born as Luis Guillermo Arcella Morales on April 20, 1954 in Agua de Dios, Cundinamarca, Colombia, and is the oldest brother of six siblings.After his father (half Colombian and half Italian) Guillermo Arcella died when he was five years old. His mother Miriam Morales (Colombian) moved to Bogota and started working over 12 hours a day as a cook, to take care of the family. Under this circumstances and without a little push to keep his education he dropped school before the end of Elementary school.Louis grew up in the streets of Bogota through a long period of poverty and need trying to earn some extra money shining shoes, selling candy, bubble gums, news papers and sometimes singing in buses. Regardless of this hardship, he was always a happy extrovert who loved with passion to sing and make people laugh (not always at the right moment). This incurable behavior made him earn easy the nickname as "the loco".He used to create characters an bring them to life. But the r

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