Lexy Kolker

Alexa Kolker who goes by Lexy was born on August 17th, 2009 and is already making waves in the entertainment industry. She was introduced to acting as a toddler while she watched her older sister, Ava book role after role. By the time Lexy decided she wanted to follow in her big sister's footsteps she was more than ready. Lexy booked her first role on an internet commercial for Shell which led to two national commercials. Whirlpool has already aired and Berlin Electronics will be airing most likely in 2016.In addition to Lexy's commercial work, she played strong supporting roles on three indie films and one lead on an emotional film about the 911 aftermath in "Our Little Secret". On the small screen, Lexy has worked as a Guest star on Criminal Minds and filmed a huge role in Vancouver Canada, for the pilot, "Shooter" playing the daughter of star Ryan Phillippe and Shantel VanSanten.Lexy absolutely loves acting, singing and performing, so even at her tender age she performs on stage as

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