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Doğum Adı: Lee Mark Howard Yeri: Manchester, Büyük Manchester, İngiltere, İngiltere

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Lee Howard was born August, 1970, in Manchester, Greater Manchester. He worked in the Manchester entertainment scene in the early 1990's as a performer and producer, before moving to London, Greater London, and later Brighton, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex. He went on to produce shows such as "The Rocky Horror Show" and "The Blues Brothers." After studying film, photography and media Lee began working with some great artists such as Meatloaf, Bon Jovi, Monty Python's Terry Jones plus many more. He wrote and directed the British comedy movie Womble which starred Johnny Vegas, Bruce Jones, Steven Arnold and Jimmy Cricket. Lee is the first person to cast a person with asperger's in a lead role of someone with the condition. He also wrote and directed Ghost Train, The Swingers Series, Kicking Off, First Love, and Grandpa God. Lee Howard also directs music video's for Canned Media, and has produced some amazing videos such as "Hold Me Now" by Black Lace star Dene Michael, and "She'll Never be Mine" by SJL feat Wheatus.In 2019 Lee partnered with actor and director Steven Arnold (best known for playing Ashley Peacock in Coronation St). They now produce and direct films together, starting with the series Super 8, eight short films written by Lee, which star a host of television actors including Bruce Jones, Louis Emerick, Michael Starke and Nicholas Cochrane to name just a few.

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