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A Georgia native and the oldest of 2 children, Laura's earliest days were spent in the theater. Both her father (dentist) and mother (teacher) were theater actors, so Laura was a consistent backstage visitor as a young child. She began studying theater and dance at age 3, and was performing on stage by age 4.Laura's middle and high school years were spent garnering academic and athletic awards, but she never lost sight of her first love: acting.Laura continued her performance studies at the University of Georgia, and graduated with a BA in Broadcast News from top-rated Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication.Upon graduation, she traded her acting dream for something more "rational" and "stable", and found work as a pharmaceutical sales representative. Her days were spent making sales calls, and nights/free time were devoted to acting and film studies. She quickly amassed a lengthy acting resume and often worked in conjunction with the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) film school, and volunteered with Savannah Film Festival.It wasn't until her father's untimely death from Pancreatic Cancer that she realized how short and precious life is, and decided to pursue acting in a more serious manner. Known for it's talented artists and independent filmmakers, she chose Austin, Texas, as her new home. Laura is now very happy living the film acting life she always wanted.

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