Lane Compton

Lane Lorzing Compton was born in Boulder, CO on May 24, 1985. Lane's artistic vision and precocity for creation began with the influence of his two parents who held careers as architects. Acting was not the initial avenue Lane took to becoming a performer. His early passions were split between the football field and the swimming pool while participating in various bands and choirs. At the age of 17, soon after graduating high school, Lane traveled extensively as a roadie all across the United States with his friends' rock and roll band. After spending a year on the road he began paying attention to that noise knocking at the door, the noise that had been there for quite some time-a call to begin his acting career. On the heels of an emotional goodbye and a friendly nudge from his partners in musical crime, Lane left for New York City to begin his career as an actor on the stage and screen. After studying with various teachers in Manhattan and attending the New York Film Academy, Lane l

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