Kristin Dos Santos


As the resident TV-insider for "E! Entertainment" and "E! Online", Kristin dishes exclusive scoop on the small screen's shows and stars--both on her E! News segments and in her online column, "Watch with Kristin".Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Kristin moved to San Diego before she was one. Her first steps were taken toward her parents' 26-inch Magnavox, where she soon could be found critiquing the latest episode of "Romper Room". She attended grade school in Poway, California, and her diverse after-school activities included channel surfing, TV Guide-ing and "Hanging with the Ropers".Upon receiving a communications degree from L.A.'s Loyola Marymount University, Kristin worked as an editor and reporter for various daily newspapers in Southern California, but she soon discovered she had far too little time to contemplate the latest plot twist on Dawson's Creek (1998).She quit the print world, came to "work" at E! and set out to fulfill her life's passion: Proving you really can amount to

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