Kris Holden-Ried


Television and film actor. Pentathlon Champion. Father. Werewolf... Born in Scarborough, Ontario and raised in a farm town, northeast of Toronto, Kris' driven spirit has garnered success in many areas of his life. Kris knew he wanted to be an actor early on, however acting wasn't a widely supported career choice in his family. Instead of pursuing it right away, Kris opted to attend Montreal's Concordia University School of Business to study international commerce. While continuing his education, Kris also competed in sports, as he was a strong athlete throughout grammar and high school. Quickly, he excelled as an athlete, becoming a member of the Canadian National Pentathlon Team and achieving silver medals from both the Pan American and Pan Pacific Pentathlon Championships for riding and fencing. Although Kris was an extremely talented athlete, both his financial situation and his interests lead him into the acting world.In 1994, Holden-Ried joined a small agency in Montreal in the ho

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