Doğum Adı: Kim Adair Blacklock

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January 16th, 2006, saw Kim Blacklock's debut on the legendary stage of Carolines on Broadway, a far cry from her 1995 New Mexico start at The Legends BBQ out by Santa Fe's prison. Blacklock began her stand-up career using the stage name of Kim Atoa, her Samoan family's surname, as an on-air radio DJ for KBAC-FM in Santa Fe. La Jolla Comedy Store in San Diego, California, first hosted Kim that summer of '95. Kim landed New York's Funniest Women Show in 1997 and her credits now also include Comix, The Laugh Factory, The New York Comedy Club, Stand-Up New York, and Carolines on Broadway.Twelve years old & 8th grade saw Kim's initiation as a thesbian, with Ted Beardsley directing Mont Pleasant H.S.' Theater Dept. Blacklock began film & TV work in 1990 out in New Mexico & has been a member of the Screen Actor's Guild since 1991. Today Kim Blacklock's roles include drama, music theatre, film, t.v., comedy, the photographed, and the photographer.

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