Kiefer O'Reilly

At an age when most children are obsessed with toys and tantrums, 2-year-old Kiefer O'Reilly showed far more interest in being one of the people he saw on TV. His mother, being the wise woman she is, got him into background work at the age of 3, placing him on a path towards an auspicious future no one could yet foresee.While doing background work for Hallmark's/CBC's popular show 'When Calls the Heart', Kiefer played the son of Jill Morrison, who was portraying his pregnant mother. Originally, he had no lines in the scene, but when asked if he was up to the task he agreed at once. From that moment on, Kiefer's career was off and running.After performing his first supporting lead role in the indie film 'Floating Away', Hallmark saw that Kiefer could handle major cast characters and so they awarded him his first professional supporting lead as Zach in the beloved Hallmark film 'October Kiss', opposite Ashley Williams. Moreover, it wasn't long before Hallmark capitalized on his talent by

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