Kevin Parks

Kevin Parks has been working in the Film Industry since 1987, when he walked into a production office, between semesters in the Film Program at Concordia University, wearing a suit, and asked for a Production Assistant job. The production co-ordinator took one look at him, and thought he's my guy!Kevin worked his days as a PA, was accepted into membership of the Director's Guild of Canada, and began working in the Assistant Director department, initially as a Trainee in 1991 on a HBO TV movie "Comrades of Summer", starring Joe Montagna. He worked with a fantastic team of AD's, who brought him along on a variety of productions.Kevin worked his way up to 3rd AD, on many TV movies for Pacific Motion Pictures. One of the AD teams there, took him to work on the Philip Borsos feature film, " The Adventures of Yellow Dog". It was during this production that Kevin had the opportunity to not only be the 3rd AD, but also try his hand as the 2nd and 1st AD.This experience segued into an opportuni

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