Kenneth Wayne Bradley


Kenneth Wayne Bradley - Kenneth has a degree in Fine Arts from Sam Houston State University and has been a member of the Screen Actor's Guild since 1998.He has appeared the feature films; Drive Angry 3D, Stop Loss, Holy Hell, The Last Lullaby , Martha, Room, Junior, Living The Life, No Pain No Gain, Hope Floats, Little Boy Blue, The Burden, Making Change, and Two Mothers For Zachary, (an ABC Movie Of The Week), Room was selected to screen at both the Sundance and the Cannes film Festivals, and was nominated for the John Cassavetes Award for the Independent Spirit Awards for 2006.Early in his screen acting career, Kenneth appeared as the Doctor who delivers the bad news to Travis Tritt in the highly lauded music video of the smash hit country song "Tell Me I was Dreaming." He has been seen on television as Gary Powers the Alabama Recruiter in two episodes of Friday Night Lights and has co-starred in episodes of Chase (The Comeback Kid episode), Prison Break, Walker Texas Ranger, and Ame

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