Kenneth J. Warren

1929 - 1973

Balding (later shaven-headed) Australian character actor Kenneth J. Warren (the "J" stands for John) was a reliable performer on both stage and films, his imposing, beefy frame and darting, sliver-eyed presence almost a tell-tale sign of peril yet to come. Born in New South Wales in 1929 (some sources indicate 1926), he was best known for his sinister heavies yet was quite comfortable playing moral-minded men. He began his theatrical career in his native Australia during the early 1950s and also found an obscure film part to play in the Robert Newton classic of - Treasure Island (1950). Catching fire after appearing on the London stage with a superb performance in an Australian touring production of "Summer of the Seventeenth Doll," he made a major career move by settling in England. A wise choice in the end for his film career started up almost immediately with able supports in Hell, Heaven or Hoboken (1958) starring John Mills, Concrete Jungle (1960) with Stanley Baker, Underworld In

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