( 1921 - 2006 )

( 85 yaşında öldü 1.73 m boyunda )

Doğum Adı: Kenneth Griffiths Yeri: Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Galler, İngiltere

Ölüm Tarihi: 25/06/2006 Yeri: Londra, İngiltere, İngiltere Sebebi: Açıklanmamış

Eşleri: (1966 -) boşanma 3 çocuk , (1960 -1966) boşanma 1 çocuk , Joan Stock (1944 -) boşanma 2 çocuk ,

Kısa Biyografi

Kenneth went to a grammar school in South Wales where the English literary teacher had the class read out parts in plays, which was the one thing he enjoyed; as a result, he was put in a play about Richard II. A local critic wrote, 'If this boy chooses to make the stage a career he should do well,' which gave Kenneth the idea of acting despite never having seen an actor or a theatre up to then. He left school at 15 with no idea of what to do apart from joining the army which would provide him with a uniform and food and possibly send him to India. Instead he went to Cambridge at 15½ to work in an ironmongers. He went to the stage door of the Cambridge Theatre with some of his notices and asked for the producer, who gave him a job at £3 a week. Despite having had no formal theatre training he made 70+ films, as well as researching and directing two of his own documentaries.

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