Kenna Zemedkun, known professionally as simply Kenna, is a Grammy Award nominated American musician, philanthropist and curator. With the release of his first single "Hell Bent," Kenna gained popularity and an underground following of fans who eagerly awaited the release of his debut album New Sacred Cow. The album, which was co-produced by Chad Hugo of The Neptunes, contained elements of electronica, synth pop, post rock, and house music. Two singles, "Sunday After You" and "Freetime" followed the release of the album; the music video of the latter, along with "Hell Bent", appeared in heavy rotation on MTV and MTV2. "Freetime" reached #19 on the U.S. Dance charts, and garnered Kenna two MTV VMA nominations. Kenna's second album, entitled Make Sure They See My Face, was also co-produced by Hugo. When Kenna learned about the global water crisis affecting even his home village in Ethiopia, he decided to create the Summit on the Summit project, when he and friends Lupe Fiasco, Jessical Bi

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