Doğum Adı: Keith Thomas

Eşleri: Catherine Thomas (1983 -)   ,

Kısa Biyografi

Although Keith started late as an actor, he is having plenty of fun, and gaining more experience with every job. A quick study and good with scripts, Keith intends to carry on for quite a while yet.Keith has had several lead, and supporting, roles in feature films and short films: '1500 Steps' (Josh Reid), 'An Afternoon Tea' (Lisa Eisman), 'Torn Devotion' (Rocio Belinda Mendez), 'Bingo' (Davo Hardy) 'Rhapsody of Love' (Joy Hopwood), 'Single Rider' (Joo-young Lee)Keith is a professional Santa, performing in various locations and with appearances on TV; 'The Living Room' and 'Sebastion Foundation Carols'.He also has many TV commercials and photos shoots in his portfolio: 'Suntory', 'Country Road', 'TAFE' and 'Facebook', to name a few.Keith and his wife now live in Sutherland, NSW.

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