Born in Miyazaki-shi (former Kiyotakechô, Miyazaki-gun), Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan, on January 21, 1980, as Keiji Kuroki. Before long moved to Ôita and came back to Miyazaki at the time of a junior high student.He played baseball in high school, started to attend dance lesson at age 19, went to Tokyo when 23. He formed the dance team "Soul Demention" along with 2 friends who also came to Tokyo from Miyazaki, and was dancing until dawn day after day at underground clubs or streets. In those days, he started his admiration for "Hiro" and/or "Exile".In January 2005, formed the dance group "Fulcrum" with Ken'ichi and Tetsuya.He had worked as an instructor at "EXPG" in 2006, and formed the dance team "Big Doggs".In 2007, Keiji was selected to be a member of "J Soul Brothers II", and made their first performance in August, at the last day of Exile Live Tour "Exile Evolution" held at the Tokyo Big Sight.He appeared in the play, went throughout Japan on "Musha Shugyô" tour as one of member of

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