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Over the course of his career, he has used his life lessons and unique stories from all around the country to make inspiring films. Kayode Kasum is Nollywood's highest-grossing Director for 2019 with two films in the top 3 spot in 2020. Kasum can easily be described as a passionate Director and Producer, His filmography as a director includes films like Sugar Rush (2019), Dwindle (2021), Quams Money (2020), This Lady Called Life (2020), Kambili - The Whole 30 yards (2020), Ponzi (2021), and Fate Of Alakada (2020). Outside of feature films, Kayode has also shot as director for 10,860 minutes on Mnet's telenovela series 'Unbroken' and 'Riona'. He also directed the second season of the Netflix and EbonyLife Collaboration, Castle and Castle. Other projects of his include a documentary series for the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) which was aired across Nigeria. He has also created and directed music videos, TV series and has shot campaigns and documentaries for brands like Forbes, Tecno, Ndani TV, DHL, Netflix, Manchester United, Best Ever Food Review Show, Belvedere, ARM Pensions, ART X Lagos, Union Bank Nigeria, African Cable Television (ACTV), and Clover Industries Tanzania. In 2017, Kasum released Nigeria's first-ever live-action animated movie titled Dognapped in cinemas across the country. His films have been screened and have won various awards in festivals around the world: Canada, France, Serbia, Kenya, Italy, United Kingdom, and Nigeria. He shoots most of his films in English and the African dialect because he believes in passing unique cultural practices from one part of the world to another. In 2018, 'Oga Bolaji', a story close to his heart, acquired theatrical distribution in the United States and Nordic countries. While Kayode puts high emphasis on success and a strong work ethic, he also values the power of truth. He believes that to make the most compelling stories, being honest and true to oneself is of the greatest importance.

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