Katja Herbers


In her home country the Netherlands, Katja has played major roles on screen as well as in the theater.After quite uniquely being accepted to both the Maastricht and the Amsterdam drama school, she started her film career during her studies at The Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam.She worked with director Alex van Warmerdam in the final year of drama school and had many offers to choose from after graduating. She decided to join Johan Simons' ensemble at NTGent, where she played many different parts on stage, modern to classical, from Elfriede Jellinek to Billy Wilder to Marlowe.She also met Ivo van Hove through Simons and worked with him on Opening Night (Cassavetes). He later asked her to play the lead in his feature film Amsterdam, which co-starred Marisa Tomei.Katja comes from a family of classical musicians. Her mother, Vera Beths, is a famous violinist, her father Werner Herbers was solohoboist of the Koninklijk Concertgebouw Orchestra for 40 years. Her father remarried a costumed

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