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For someone who has made an award-winning impact in all three mediums (stage, film and TV), actress Kathy Baker has been strangely denied all-out stardom, yet continues to demonstrate her versatility in whatever material comes her way.The comely blonde was born Katherine Whitton Baker in Midland, Texas, the daughter of parents John Seawand Baker, a geologist and educator who taught at both the University of Paris and at Princeton, and Helene Andree Baker (née Whitton). Raised in New Mexico, she first took to the stage at age 10. Influenced by her French-born mother, Kathy attended the University of California at Berkeley and instead received her Bachelor of Arts degree in French in 1977. From there she went to Paris to study haute cuisine at the famed Cordon Bleu. She returned to the States originally to work as a pastry chef, but still discovered a smouldering desire to act and eventually joined San Francisco's Magic Theatre. There she appeared in the play "The Man Who Killed the Budd

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The Ranch

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