( 1989 - )

( 33 yaşında 1.66 m boyunda )

Doğum Adı: Katelyn Elizabeth Newberry Tarihi: 25/03/1989

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KateLynn Newberry is an Atlanta based actress/model with 50+ films, numerous commercials, industrials, and print jobs under her belt. She finds herself working on sets all over the Midwest and Southeast.She can be seen all over Ohio as the face of the Ohio Lottery's "Lucky One". She is best known for "Notes From Melanie" which she brought home the award for "Best Performance in Fest" and received over 200,000 views on YouTube, "Auditorium 6", which she brought home two Best Actress awards for, "Homecoming Revenge", a Lifetime Movie original, and "Dark Iris", which can be viewed on Amazon Prime. She has also worked with brands such as "Samsung", "Honda", "G&E" and "Xerox"She has modeled for numerous magazines and companies both locally and nationally, fashion designers and photo workshops.KateLynn currently studies at Drama Inc. with Claire Bronson and Scott Poythress in their Advanced Scene Study classes.

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