Doğum Adı: Kaivalya Chheda

Kısa Biyografi

Kaivalya Chheda was born and brought up in Mulund,Mumbai.Initially he started his career as crowd artist and his first movie was 'Kartoos (1999)'.Though his debut film as character artist was 'Champion (2000)'. After it was released he did not looked back and continued to work in various TV Series as either a recurring character or simply did cameo roles.He also pursued movies and commercials, but had his plate full with TV Series.He continued to work till 9th grade and then left acting voluntarily to pursue his academic goals. On 31st of July 2012 he received Bachelor's Degree of Engineering in Information Technology from Pune University.In between those four years he also received MTA certifications from Microsoft and was also Vice President of CSI student chapter of his college.But his heart always was in Acting. Once he completed the studies he started hunting for roles that can rejuvenate his career and found it in 'Ronnie' of TV Series 'Baal Veer (2012)'.

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