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Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Started producing music videos through the record company he began in 2001 & moved onto celebrity events, from touring Jamie Kennedy in Canada to putting on an Alica Keys charity event with ESPN, Superbowl 2005. He moved onto writing treatments for films and launched Stardust Pictures; within 6 months shot and produced its first film with Pauly Shore named 'Natural Born Komics', to a wacky comedy feature with Harland Williams called 'Child Wild" in Toronto; then in 2010 fully produced 4 films back to back in one year: "Holiday Heist", "Boy Toy", "L!fe Happens" in L.A., wrapping up in NYC on Christmas Eve James Franco's "Maladies" Stardust Pictures continued over a decade later to produce quality self funded pictures with five more in 2021, three already in post.

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