Julio Fernández


Julio Fernández leads Filmax Entertainment, one of the main audiovisual and independent holdings based in Spain.Born in Fonsagrada (Lugo), Julio Fernández moved to Catalonia at the end of the sixties. Since then, he resides in Barcelona and has become one of the most important producers of the country. Actually, the position of his organization responds fully to the opportunities of the European and international markets in the leisure sector.His professional career has been rewarded by being Honorific member of the ESCAC- (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisual de Catalunya), Honorific member of the Universitat de Barcelona, Chairman of the Cluster of the Galician Audiovisual, Vice-president of FAPAE (Federación de Asociaciones de Productores Audiovisuales Españoles), Member of the Academia de las Artes y de las Ciencias Cinematográficas de España, Counselor of the Board of Directors for EGEDA, and Chairman of AEGACA (Asociación de Empresarios Gallegos en Cataluña y Andorra).Filmax E

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