Julia Cæsar

1885 - 1971

Her career began with small parts at the theatre, and she considered her debut to have been made in 1905. Just like Edvard Persson she worked at the Apollo Theatre in Helsinki, Finland, during World War I. When she returned to Sweden she worked in Stockholm's popular park theatres, such as Tantolunden or Vita Bergsparken. When it comes to the number of movies made, she is second only to Hjördis Petterson, as far as Swedish actresses is concerned. Her first major role was as Mrs. Lövdal in Anderssonskans Kalle (1922). With her strong voice and rough appearance she was usually cast as the landlady, the mother-in-law or the troublesome wife. Notable appearances include Pensionat Paradiset (1937), Ebberöds bank (1935) and O, en så'n natt! (1937).

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