Juani Feliz

Juani Feliz is an actress, born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the Bronx. Juani started acting at the age of 14 after getting involved in a few plays at her high school in the Bronx. Juani joined the Screen Actor's Guild in 2005 after booking a number of principal roles in major SAG projects, under the management of Donna and Randi Mollo of Mollo Management. Juani's first SAG acting job was a PSA for the U.S. Army and Ad Council's Operation Graduation campaign. Soon after, she landed guest star and co-star roles in the television shows Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Conviction, and had the great pleasure of sharing a set with actors Steve Buscemi and Michael Pitt for a principal role in the feature film Delirious.In her last year of high school, Juani was accepted to the prestigious Harvard College and moved to Cambridge, MA to pursue her college degree. To everyone's surprise, Juani decided to study Biomedical Engineering at Harvard, instead of acting. After college Juani w

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