Joshua Ormond

Joshua Ormond is an American born actor. He was born in New Jersey and has lived there his entire life. He is known for his blonde, curly hair and great acting chops. Joshua ventured into the acting business with his older sister, Gabriella, at the age of 3. Joshua, and his great dimples, booked his first role as John in the indie film Bittersweet (2008)at the age of 4 with director Greg Levins. Soon after, Joshua booked many regional and national commercials for companies like Georgia Pacific and the Chronicles of Narnia, Swiffer, Ikea, Verizon Fios, Netflix, Castrol, HP, Exxon Mobil, Trident, and many more.At the age of 9, Joshua booked the lead role in the psychological thriller, The Fields (2011), working alongside Oscar-winning actress, Cloris Leachman. Joshua received Best Emerging Actor 2011 at the Terror Film Festival for his role as Steven and the film received several other festival awards as well.In 2011, Joshua booked roles in the TV series Royal Pains (2009), the film Robo

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