Jonathan Sothcott


Jonathan already has a dozen feature films under his belt as a producer and is recognised as one of the most dynamic and proactive production talents in the UK.Briefly a journalist, he was running a TV channel by the time he was 24 and worked in acquisitions and as a producer for the likes of Anchor Bay and MGM, before changing gears and moving into feature film production in 2006 with the acclaimed urban horror movie Wishbaby. Forming Black & Blue Films with Martin Kemp in early 2007 he steered their slate from script to screen producing such diverse fare as stylish thriller Stalker (written and directed by Kemp and starring Jane March), comedy Just For The Record (starring Danny Dyer and Rik Mayall), vampire/gangster action film Dead Cert (starring Dyer, Craig Fairbrass, Dexter Fletcher and Steven Berkoff) and award-winning zombie blockbuster Devil's Playground (starring Dyer, Fairbrass, Sean Pertwee and Jaime Murray). Recently he was Executive Producer on the Danny Dyer thriller 7Li

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