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Jonathan Coffin was born in Devils Lake, North Dakota on February 27th 1988. He moved around a lot with his mother, throughout many small towns in North Dakota, during his upbringing. Jonathan found his passion for acting in the 4th grade when he was put in charge of screen-writing and props for a small, anti-drug skit assigned to his class.When Jon was 11 years old he moved to Boise, Idaho to live with his aunt and uncle due to family issues. Being very shy, he did not socialize or make friends very well. A month before his 16th birthday, he moved back to live with his mother in the small town of Leeds, North Dakota. He immediately began the process of obtaining his GED in preparation to leave high school, which he did on his 16th birthday. Jonathan immediately joined the work force doing random jobs until he joined the Army as a military police officer when he was 17 years old.In February 2007, Jonathan moved to Grand Forks, ND where he lived on his own while attending the University of North Dakota as well as Northeast Technical College. He had picked up photography and began traveling around the country taking photos. One of the cities he visited and fell in love with was Chicago. After having traveled the country taking photographs, he returned to North Dakota to begin working the oil fields in Dickinson, North Dakota. He quit working in the fields in the beginning of 2012 and moved to Chicago on a whim on April 8th 2012 with a suitcase and no money. He got his first experience on a production set on July 19th 2012 doing a Chicago Bears NFL commercial spot and became hooked. Within his first month, he had made his way onto the sets of TV shows such as Chicago Fire, Underemployed, Mob Doctor, and Shameless. As well as working on a Derrick Rose commercial for Adidas. He obtained his first IMDB credit on April 4th 2013, just under one year after having moved to Chicago.

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