Jon George

JON GEORGE is a native East Texan who very early on discovered in himself a deep affection for the Southwestern desert. Because of this, he has spent the past twenty-five years in Southern California and Nevada. He now lives in La Quinta, real desert, with his wife and two dogs. He took his Bachelor's degree in Texas, his Masters on the East Coast, and did his doctoral studies at the University of California at Berkeley. Having taught literature for some years at several universities, he decided he would make some himself. However, this feeling soon passed, and for the next twenty-odd years he has made his living writing in film and television, an experience which has only heightened his delight in a well-told story. Among his work are HARLEQUIN, ESCAPE 2000, FINAL TERROR, ODDS & OTHERS, THE PERPETRATOR and DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS. He has written other works, produced but unreleased, and had others sold but unproduced. That is the way of the business. He has also taught screenwriting s

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