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Johnson Phan was born in a refugee camp located in Malaysia (KL) August 6th 1980. His parents and older brother had successfully escaped from communism in Vietnam. Soon after Johnson's birth the Canadian government helped the Phan family safely transition to Canada, and they would eventually settle down in Vancouver calling it home. Growing up, Johnson immediately fell in love with Bruce Lee films and other martial arts action movies that he watched with his family. These movies had a strong impact on Johnson's lifestyle as he began to incorporate martial arts training, spiritual awareness, and dedication towards his mental and physical conditioning. In 2003... with the help and support of some friends, Johnson landed his first Agent and began to pursue a career as an Actor and Stunt performer. Johnson's love for martial arts and action films fueled his training which would eventually help him book a key role in the action feature "WAR", starring Jet Li and Jason Statham. Mainly based in Vancouver, Johnson continues to train and grow as a performer and looks forward to the opportunities of working internationally and in the United States.

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