John Fitzpatrick


John Fitzpatrick is an award winning independent film director and professional editor best known among horror fans as the writer/director of Skypemare (2013) and the Scary Endings (2015) series. He holds bachelor's degrees in Media Arts and English Literature and began his film making career at a young age. His first festival film was a documentary short for his high school's science department at the age of fifteen. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2001, John has edited numerous TV shows, music videos and promotional material for Warner Brothers, NBC, TBS, Bravo, MTV and DC Comics. He served as supervising editor on three cable shows: 10 Items or Less (TBS), Unbeatable Banzuke (G4), and The Dub Magazine Project (MTV2). The latter ranked highest in MTV2 history.John has directed over 20 shorts with numerous accolades and festival screenings and an award-winning Mercy (2003) which starred Ryan Dillon. His twelve episode web series, 'Phantom Rabbit Hitman' premiered at the Los Angeles Com

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