John Baragrey

1918 - 1975

Of the "tall, dark and handsome" variety on 50s Broadway and in Hollywood, actor John Baragrey found steady work on TV soaps and in guest spots, but found regrettably few film offers...and those he did find were for the most part highly unmemorable. Born in Haleyville, Alabama in 1919, he attended the University of Alabama and decided to make a go of it in acting, moving to New York for study. He toured the South Pacific with the USO play "Petticoat Fever" from 1943 to 1945 and met actress Louise Larabee, whom he later married.Making his Broadway debut with "A Flag Is Born" (1946, he went on to appear in a host of plays on the big stage including "The Enchanted" (1950), in which he played an amorous ghost, "Pride's Crossing" (1950) with Mildred Dunnock, "The Devils" (1965) starring Anne Bancroft and Jason Robards, and "Murderous Angels" (1971). Other stage presentations he appeared in were "Richard III," "Elizabeth the Queen" and "The Crucible."As to his filming, Baragrey began promisi

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Studio One in Hollywood

Yıl: 1948 | IMDB: 0040051

Ülke: ABD
Aka: Studio One Summer Theatre, Studio One in Hollywood, Summer Theatre, Westinghouse Studio One, Westinghouse Summer Theatre
Tür: Drama
Yönetmen: Paul Nickell,Franklin J. Schaffner,Tom Donovan,Allen Reisner,Robert Mulligan,
Oyuncular: Betty Furness, Paul Branson, Paul Brenson, Mary Sinclair, Maria Riva, Charlton Heston, James Daly, Richard Purdy, Leslie Nielsen, John Cannon, Felicia Montealegre, John Baragrey, Judson Laire, Peg Hillias, Harry Townes,