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Joey De Pinto has been in the entertainment business since the age of 13 in New York where he started as a musician (lead singer/percussion) in several bands touring across the United States. He served as an officer with Company A (Assault Helicopter Group) of the 1st Aviation Battalion of United States Army's First Infantry Division. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for action in combat. He attended Montclair State University, Staten Island College, and University Of Miami and then moved to southern California to attend USC for drama, telecommunications, and film under Professor's Blankenship and Dr. Bill White, Dean of Drama. He also studied with Michael V. Gazzo of The Godfather: Part II acclaim, and with Joe Bernard of the Lee Strasburg Institute.After briefly playing college and pro football, he started his film career, appearing in over 100 film, television, commercials, and voice-over productions and has worked with some of the biggest names in film, such as Robert De Niro, Sean Penn, Danny Devito, Sylvester Stallone, Michelle Pfeiffer, Alan Alda, Billy Crystal, Herbie Hancock and Joe Pesci to name a few. Mr. DePinto worked for Sylvester Stallone for ten years in which he worked for the production staff of the film "Cliff Hanger," shot in Italy and also was an actor who played the police sergeant Ray Ban on the film "Stop or My Mom Will Shoot," both starring Sylvester Stallone.As a TV writer, Mr. DePinto co-wrote a sitcom entitled "The Last Automat" and sold it to Columbia Tri-Star. During the same time, he worked with the production team at HBO on their film entitled "Every Woman's Dream," shot on location in Auckland, New Zealand, staring Kim Catrell. He then moved to Castell Studios with the production of "Serpents Lair," a film shot in Bucharest, Romania. Mr. De Pinto then worked with Michael Madsen and Maria Chonchita Alanso in the independent production of "Catharine's Grove," shot in West Palm Beach, Florida. Following that, he starred in the film entitled Cover Story (2002) as Sgt. Joe Sacco, with Jason Priestley and Elizabeth Berkeley, Shot in Calgary, Canada.Returning to Los Angeles, he produced and starred in the mob drama "Hitters," with Robert Davi, Carol Alt, and Costa Mandylor, as the killer Vince Provenzano, for which the film won Best Feature Film at the Westchester Film Festival in Westchester, New York.Mr. DePinto's film company, Three Kings Entertainment, just released the psychological thriller "Mirror Image" which was produced by Mr. De Pinto and filmed in Southern California starring Eric Roberts, Ed O'Ross and April Eden. Three Kings Entertainment is currently in pre-production on the action feature "Hell Hounds", set to film early 2016. Mr. De Pinto is also in development on a special air service military show, and a "Harry Potter" like series called "Take A Chance" for cable TV in 2017.

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