Jimmie Booth


If there was a stage that needed to be driven, a wagon that needed to be rolled, or a posse scene that needed riders Jimmie Booth got a call.Born on a farm Jimmie learned how to ride a horse at a young age and after serving two years in the Army Air Corp he traveled with a Wild West Circus Show for two years. Meanwhile Jimmie became acquainted with many of the cowboys and horsemen in the Newhall area who worked in the motion picture industry. Through these connections he was able to become a member of the Screen Extras Guild.By the late 1950s the television western flourished and he found lots of work in posse scenes, bar scenes, and driving stages all the way through the 1980s working in pretty much any television western and most western movies you can think of.But like most actors, these jobs only paid part of the bills but there were other jobs that required his skill set. In the 1950's, when the Santa Anita and Hollywood Park horse-racing tracks used draft horses to pull the start

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  • 8.2/10

Guns of Paradise

Yıl: 1988 | IMDB: 0094473

Ülke: ABD
Aka: Guns of Paradise
Tür: Drama, Vahşi Batı

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  • 5.6/10
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  • 6.4/10
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Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Yıl: 1979 | IMDB: 0079945

Ülke: ABD
Aka: Uzay Macerasi, Uzay Yolu: Uzay Macerasi, Star Trek I: The Motion Picture, Star Trek II, Star Trek: Phase II, Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Director's Edition
Tür: Macera, Gizem, Bilim Kurgu
Yönetmen: Robert Wise,
Oyuncular: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, George Takei, Majel Barrett, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, Persis Khambatta, Stephen Collins, Grace Lee Whitney, Mark Lenard, Billy Van Zandt, Roger Aaron Brown, Gary Faga,