Jerry Ciccoritti


One of Canada's most provocative and in-demand directors, Jerry Ciccoritti has directed feature films, television movies and mini-series, and garnered accolades in all mediums over the course of his career. His features have consistently been invited to film festivals throughout the world and, in television, he has been awarded a Gemini for Best Film, seven Geminis for Best Director, three Directors Guild of Canada Awards and a Genie nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.A second-generation Italian-Canadian, Jerry has always made telling Canadian stories--particularly ones that reflect issues of the immigrant experience in Canada--a career priority. He has directed biographies of some of our most influential and inspiring citizens, including the critically acclaimed Trudeau (2002) mini-series. With "Trudeau", Ciccoritti made exciting and dynamic television about a Canadian for Canadians, and changed the face of home-grown television in the process. In the recent past he directed the a

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