Jeremy Jackson


Jeremy Jackson At the tender age of six, Jeremy Jackson got his first taste of show business, booking his first successful commercial for Mattel. From this Jeremy exploded onto the commercial scene starring in dozens of national network ad campaigns including television and print. In addition to his commercial work Jeremy dabbled in daytime television with a seven-episode run on the soap opera Santa Barbara, and got his first feature film shot with a small roll in Shout starring John Travolta. With hard work and determination, he accomplished all of this before his tenth birthday. Soon after in 1990, the ten year old Newport Beach native beat 3,000 other child actors, including a young Leonardo DiCaprio, for the role of Hobie Buchanon on the 90's phenomenon Baywatch. His character remained on the show for its entirety running through 1999. In the midst of all this success Jeremy's creativity did not stop at television. In 1992 Jeremy starred alongside Oscar winning actress Sally Kirkla

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